Why the News-kuxora.com Website is Misleading and Nearly Useless

browser hijacker redirect website

News-kuxora.com is a deceptive website that employs clickbait tactics to secure permission to send notifications. This site should not be trusted, and users are advised to close it immediately. If you have already granted notification permissions to news-kuxora[.]com, it's crucial to revoke them.

Clickbait Tactics and Deceptive Practices

News-kuxora[.]com misleads users by presenting a prompt that suggests clicking the "Allow" button is necessary to verify that they are not a robot, similar to a CAPTCHA requirement. However, clicking this button actually grants the website permission to send notifications. These notifications often contain deceptive content designed to lure users into clicking on them.

Fake Notifications and Their Risks

During our examination, news-kuxora[.]com sent fake McAfee notifications claiming that the computer is infected with various types of malware (e.g., trojans, spyware, and adware) and that 76% of the hardware is damaged. These alerts urge users to fix the supposed issue immediately. Clicking on such notifications can lead users to a variety of untrustworthy websites.

Potential Threats from Malicious Notifications

Notifications from news-kuxora[.]com can direct users to phishing websites that attempt to steal sensitive information such as credit card details, ID card information, and login credentials. They may also lead to technical support scams that try to trick users into paying for fake services or products, disclosing personal information, or downloading malware. Additionally, these notifications can open websites containing deceptive advertisements, misleading articles, or fake giveaways, lotteries, and surveys.

Revoking Permissions and Preventing Future Issues

Users should never allow news-kuxora[.]com or similar pages to send notifications. If such permissions have already been granted, they should be revoked immediately. Websites like news-kuxora[.]com are often accessed through torrent sites, illegal movie streaming platforms, and other websites linked to rogue advertising networks. Users may also encounter these sites through fraudulent emails or messages, pop-ups, ads, and content on shady websites, or ads generated by potentially harmful software like adware.

Examples of Similar Deceptive Websites

Other examples of deceptive websites similar to news-kuxora[.]com include frutiadsstudio[.]com, multipleday[.]com, and froommixoria[.]com. These sites use similar tactics to trick users into granting notification permissions.

How News-kuxora[.]com Gains Permission to Send Notifications

Websites cannot send notifications without user consent. When a user visits a page that requests to send notifications, the browser displays a pop-up with options to either allow or block notifications. News-kuxora[.]com exploits this mechanism by tricking users into clicking "Allow."

Preventing Deceptive Sites from Sending Notifications

To avoid receiving unwanted notifications from deceptive sites, do not click the "Allow" button if prompted to verify you are not a robot, play a video, or download a file. Instead, choose options like "Block" or "Block Notifications," and close the page immediately. If you are already receiving unwanted notifications, running a scan with an anti-malware program can help eliminate them.

June 7, 2024

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