What is Moviety PUP?

pup potentially unwanted

Moviety is a Chrome browser extension that claims it will enhance your movie-watching experience and show you useful results for any movie you search.

In reality, Moviety exhibits signs typical for both potentially unwanted programs and adware. The extension may cause unwanted advertising to appear, either injected into web pages or as pop-ups. This is made possible when the extension asks for the right to "change all your data on all websites".

Additionally, Moviety is often installed as part of bundle installers, also known as bundlers. Those are packages that contain several applications, one of which would often be popular and desirable, with one or more potentially unwanted applications installing quietly alongside the main app.

This behavior and the fact that the PUPs inside bundle installers are deployed with poor disclosure and installed without the user's explicit consent are the traits that align extensions like Moviety with the behavior of PUPs.

Uninstallation is relatively simple, as few Chrome extensions have any persistence capabilities. Simply removing the extension from Chrome's extensions page is enough to deal with it.