What Does 'Movies' Adware Do On Your Computer?

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"Movies" is the name of an adware application, also known as an ad-supported application. Adware's sole goal is to display ads on your system, usually inside your browser, and generate profit for its makers by showing those ads.

A huge number of adware apps come in the shape of browser hijackers or rogue browser extensions that act like adware and hijackers. In the case of the Movies adware, the ad-supported app is a standalone Windows program that has an executable file and a set of files that work with it.

Like most adware, Movies will cause ads and pop-ups to display on your system. The big issue with this behavior is that adware may often work in conjunction with rogue ad networks, displaying ads that can be potentially harmful.

Rogue ads may refer the user to misleading websites, untrustworthy pages, questionable content, or potentially unwanted programs such as rogue extensions and browser hijackers. This sort of advertising is not something you want to see inside your browser or on your computer.

This is why it is advisable to get rid of any form of adware you find on your computer, whether it's the Movies adware or any other ad-supported application.

November 10, 2022