Keona Clipper

computer malware

Keona clipper is the name of a newly discovered strain of malware that affects Windows systems. As the name suggests, Keona is a clipper, which is the name broadly applies to clipboard monitoring and hijacking malware.

Clippers have the ability to always monitor the strings of data stored in the Windows clipboard, as well as replace them with a string determined by the malware's author. This functionality is very obviously geared towards cryptocurrency theft.

Crypto wallet strings found in the clipboard are automatically replaced with the string representing the malware operator's wallet, which makes any transfers made by the victim go right into the wallet of the criminal.

Keona clipper is contained in a tiny file, weighing in at just 20 kilobytes - far less than even a small JPG image. This makes distribution a breeze and makes the malware harder to detect without special antivirus software.

Similar malware is often distributed through websites claiming to have cracked executables for paid software and through malicious email campaigns containing attachments.

By Zaib
June 16, 2022
June 16, 2022