Juicycelebinfo.com Mixes Lures to Plant Ads in Browsers

browser pop-up

Juicycelebinfo dot com is the domain associated with a misleading website. Its chief purpose is to plant annoying pop-up ads in the browsers of visitors and generate revenue for the website owners in the process.

The page you will see on Juicycelebinfo dot com might vary depending on what place in the world you are accessing the page from. One example of a page displayed on the domain is a fake message telling visitors they won a $50 gift card.

Of course, there is no gift card and that is just a simple lure to get visitors excited and clicking. The browser will also display its standard "allow notifications" dialog box. An excited user might click "allow" to get their non-existent gift card.

That will simply lead to an annoying stream of ad pop-ups being displayed in the browser through push notifications. Some of those ads may lead to questionable or misleading sites and expose the user to further dangers while browsing.

That is why it is recommended to never click similar "allow notifications" dialog boxes when you visit a web page you are not familiar with. Simply close the tab or browser window to avoid potential exposure to annoying ads.

May 20, 2022