Uses Deceptive Virus Detection Pop-Up to Lead Computer Users to Potential Malware

trojan horse malware

The unwanted actions of may lead to serious issues that ends up in the affected PC having a major malware infection. It is best that computer users avoid the website at all costs. In the case of automatically loading and avoidance of the site not being an option, the computer user must take prompt action to find and remove the components associated with

The components of are usually in the form of browser extensions, which may load automatically with the installation of random freeware or bundled software obtained from a third-party downloads site. When the components of are loaded they then modify Internet settings to set the site as a default home page or new tab page.

Reversing the effects of and stopping its unwanted actions will require removal of the browser hijacker components, which are usually browser extensions. While the process of removing these components may be done manually by some savvy computer users, we recommend using an antimalware tool to do the task. Using an antimalware resource will ensure all associated components of are found and removed to allow the user to then reset their Internet settings and surf the web without the risk of a malware intrusion.

By Zane
September 22, 2022
September 22, 2022