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After testing the Findmovie browser extension, we have found that it functions as a browser hijacker with the intent of promoting a fraudulent search engine. Findmovie alters the configuration settings of the web browser, effectively hijacking it, and may also possess the capability to gather user information. Consequently, it is strongly advised against incorporating Findmovie into web browsers.

Upon installation, Findmovie designates as the default search engine, homepage, and new tab page. Users are compelled to visit upon opening their browsers. Upon entering a search query, redirects users to,, and potentially other search engines. is classified as a fake search engine since it does not generate independent results but rather provides outcomes from legitimate search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. The trustworthiness of fake search engines and the browser hijackers endorsing them is questionable. Typically, these entities engage in the collection of different data.

Browser hijackers and counterfeit search engines have the capacity to amass various forms of information, including browsing history, search queries, personal details, geolocation data, IP addresses, system information, cookies, session data, and ad interaction. This information is frequently employed for targeted advertising, marketing purposes, or potentially more malicious activities.

Additionally, fake search engines present the risk of providing deceptive or fabricated search results. Some employ malicious redirects, directing users to potentially harmful websites, thereby exposing them to risks of malware infection or phishing attacks. Consequently, placing trust in fake search engines poses a significant threat to overall online security.

How Can Browser Hijackers Propagate Fake Search Engines?

Browser hijackers propagate fake search engines through various techniques, utilizing deceptive tactics to manipulate the settings of a user's web browser. Here are common methods employed by browser hijackers to introduce and promote fake search engines:

  • Bundled Software: Browser hijackers often come bundled with seemingly legitimate software or freeware that users download and install. During the installation process, users may inadvertently agree to the installation of additional components, including the browser hijacker and the associated fake search engine.
  • Malicious Browser Extensions: Some browser hijackers are distributed as seemingly innocent browser extensions or add-ons. Users may be prompted to install these extensions while browsing or may unknowingly add them when installing other software.
  • Deceptive Websites: Browser hijackers may be distributed through deceptive websites that prompt users to download and install certain software or browser extensions. These websites may use misleading tactics to convince users that the offered software or extension is legitimate.
  • Phishing Emails and Ads: Phishing emails or malicious online ads may contain links that lead to websites promoting browser hijackers. Users who click on these links may be redirected to sites that encourage the installation of fake search engine-related software.
November 20, 2023

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