Remove Redirect

FavTab is a browser add-on that claims to offer useful features in terms of improving the functionality of your new tab page. However, the truth is that it only has one goal – promoting the search engine. While this page is not nefarious, it may deliver lackluster results in the long run. It hosts a basic search feature, which appears to redirect users to either Bing or Yahoo. However, keep in mind that the administrators of may change this behavior at any time, triggering redirects to low-quality websites.

The 'improvements' that FavTab introduces are not really enjoyable. The extension will force you to use as your default new tab page for as long as it is installed. Trying to undo this change manually will not yield any results – the add-on regularly checks and modifies the browser's configuration.

FavTab is considered to be a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.) if you are unhappy with what it has to offer, you should certainly take the necessary actions to remove it from your computer fully. We advise you not to try to do this manually. Instead, use an up-to-date Windows security tool to ensure that neither FavTab nor will show up in your browser ever again.

By Ruik
November 2, 2021
November 2, 2021