"ExtendedSprint will damage your computer" Pop-Up (Mac Adware)

The message that Mac computer users get reading "ExtendedSprint will damage your computer" or "Ads by ExtendedSprint" is an indication of a browser hijacking being present on their computer. A Mac computer threat such as ExtendedSprint is one that may load when the computer user has installed a third-party app or a freeware program from the Internet.

app will damage your computer

Either way of ExtendedSprint being loaded on a Mac, the computer user must know that they will require using an antimalware resource to safely detect and remove ExtendedSprint from their system to prevent further issues and to stop the annoying ExtendedSprint message from appearing. As a worst case, ExtendedSprint may modify Internet settings and prevent Mac computer users from surfing the Internet without interruption or intrusion from the "ExtendedSprint will damage your computer" message.

By Zane
February 24, 2021
February 24, 2021