Entertainment.exe - Cryptominer in Disguise


Entertainment.exe is one of the possible names under which a malicious cryptominer is distributed.

Cryptominers are a type of malware that harvests the infected system's resources, most notably the CPU and GPU computing power, to mine cryptocurrency of some sort, for the benefit of the malware's operator.

Cryptominers are a massive hindrance to normal system operation, as the excessive strain they put on the hardware will make the system perform very poorly. Symptoms of having a cryptominer running on your system would be applications opening extremely slowly, sometimes hanging and becoming unresponsive, and an overall system slowdown.

Similar malware is often distributed through fake "cracked" game and app websites. Malicious files are very often hosted there, posing as fake "cracks" for commercial games or applications. Trying to pirate software is never a good idea, but the frequency of malware found on similar crack pages makes it even more dangerous.

If you have the Entertainment.exe cryptominer on your system, removing it will likely require the use of a dedicated anti-malware application.

October 20, 2022