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DailyDoseQuote is an extension that offers to display popular quotes from famous people within browsers. However, this software engages in activities that modify browser settings to endorse the dailydosequote.com fake search engine through redirects and monitors users' online activities. Consequently, it is categorized as a browser hijacker.

During our testing, DailyDoseQuote altered the browser's homepage, default search engine, and the URL for new tabs/windows to the dailydosequote.com website. Consequently, with this extension installed, any web searches conducted through the URL bar and the opening of new browser tabs/windows result in redirections to the dailydosequote.com site.

Typically, fake search engines fail to provide legitimate search results and redirect users to genuine internet search sites. However, during our research, dailydosequote.com directed users to smartsearchnow.io, another illegitimate search engine. Unlike most similar sites, smartsearchnow.io does produce search results and matches, but they are inaccurate and may contain sponsored, misleading, and potentially harmful content.

It's important to note that the destination of dailydosequote.com might vary, influenced by factors such as user location.

Browser-hijacking software often employs techniques to ensure persistence, making it challenging for users to restore their browsers to their original settings.

Moreover, DailyDoseQuote includes data-tracking features. The gathered information may encompass visited URLs, viewed webpages, search queries, internet cookies, usernames/passwords, personally identifiable information, financial data, and more. This collected data may be shared with or sold to third parties.

What Are Rogue Browser Extensions?

Rogue browser extensions, also known as malicious or unauthorized browser extensions, are software additions that users install in their web browsers, usually to enhance functionality or customize their online experience. However, rogue extensions operate with hidden, malicious motives that can compromise user security, privacy, and overall browsing experience. Here are key characteristics and risks associated with rogue browser extensions:

Unauthorized Actions:
Rogue extensions often perform actions without the user's explicit consent or knowledge. This can include modifying browser settings, altering search results, injecting unwanted advertisements, or redirecting web traffic.

Browser Hijacking:
Some rogue extensions engage in browser hijacking, where they take control of certain browser functions. This can include changing the default homepage, search engine, or new tab settings to redirect users to malicious websites.

Data Tracking:
Rogue extensions may track users' online activities, including visited websites, search queries, and personal information. This data can be exploited for various purposes, such as targeted advertising or even identity theft.

Adware and Unwanted Advertisements:
Many rogue extensions function as adware, displaying intrusive and unwanted advertisements. These ads can disrupt the user experience, lead to potentially harmful websites, or promote scams.

Security Risks:
Rogue extensions can introduce security vulnerabilities to the user's system. They may exploit weaknesses in the browser or other software to facilitate other types of malware infections or unauthorized access.

November 29, 2023

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