CryptoClippy Malware Works as a Stealer


CryptoClippy is a form of malware that functions as a cryptocurrency clipper.

Its main objective is to monitor the user's clipboard and detect instances where the user copies a cryptocurrency wallet address. Once identified, the malware substitutes the copied address with that of the attacker. A cryptocurrency clipper is a type of malicious software intended to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting victims. The malware works by monitoring the clipboard of the victim, which temporarily stores copied or cut data, including a cryptocurrency wallet address.

When the clipper detects that the victim has copied a wallet address, it replaces the real address with the attacker's, leading to the redirection of cryptocurrency payments to the attacker's wallet. The victim may not realize the malicious activity until it is too late, and the funds have already been taken.

Apart from functioning as a cryptocurrency clipper, CryptoClippy also has other features that aid attackers in stealing cryptocurrency. Among these features is its capability to create a backdoor through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) by implementing an RC4-encrypted PowerShell script.

CryptoClippy has specific functionalities related to targeting Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallets. There is evidence that the hackers responsible for CryptoClippy primarily focus on Portuguese-speaking users.

How Do Cryptostealer Malware Variants Usually Work?

Cryptostealer malware variants are designed to steal cryptocurrency from victims' wallets by compromising their security. They work by monitoring the victim's device for the presence of cryptocurrency wallet addresses, which are often copied and pasted into the clipboard for ease of use.

Once a wallet address is detected, the malware replaces it with an attacker-controlled address, redirecting any cryptocurrency payments to the attacker's wallet instead of the intended recipient's. Cryptostealers can also be programmed to monitor keystrokes and take screenshots to steal login credentials or other sensitive information.

Some cryptostealer variants also include backdoor capabilities, such as the ability to establish a remote desktop protocol (RDP) connection or execute remote commands. This allows attackers to maintain access to the victim's device and continue to steal cryptocurrency or other sensitive data over an extended period.

Cryptostealers can be distributed via a variety of methods, including phishing emails, malicious downloads, or social engineering tactics. Once installed on a victim's device, they often remain hidden to avoid detection by security software, making them difficult to detect and remove.

April 10, 2023

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