Spams Ads, Using Fake Bot Check

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While investigating suspicious websites, our team came across, an untrustworthy webpage with malicious intent. Its primary operation involves promoting browser notification spam and redirecting visitors to potentially unreliable or harmful pages. and similar webpages are typically accessed through redirects generated by websites utilizing rogue advertising networks, spam notifications, mistyped URLs, intrusive ads, or installed adware.

The actions performed by these rogue pages can vary based on the visitor's IP address or geolocation. In our investigation of, we found that it presented a fraudulent CAPTCHA verification test. The page displayed an image of a robot with a message stating, "CLICK ALLOW TO CONFIRM THAT YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT!" However, clicking the "Allow" button on this page did not serve any verification purpose; instead, it enabled to display browser notifications.

Rogue webpages utilize these notifications to conduct intrusive advertising campaigns. The displayed ads endorse scams, untrustworthy or hazardous software, and even malware. Consequently, visiting websites like can lead to system infections, severe privacy issues, financial losses, and potential identity theft.

What Are the Top Signs a Captcha or Anti-Bot Check is Fake?

Identifying fake captchas or anti-bot checks is crucial for maintaining online security. Here are some top signs that can help you recognize if a captcha or anti-bot check is fake:

Unusual or Overly Simplistic Design: Fake captchas may exhibit visual elements that appear unusual or poorly designed. They might lack the professionalism and attention to detail commonly seen in legitimate captchas.

Incorrect Grammar or Spelling Errors: Legitimate captchas are typically created with care and undergo thorough proofreading. If you notice grammar mistakes, awkward phrasing, or spelling errors within the captcha text, it's likely a fake.

Request to Click on Ads or Download Software: Legitimate captchas are designed to verify human interaction, not to promote ads or download software. If the captcha prompts you to click on ads or download suspicious programs, it is most likely a fake.

Excessive Difficulty or Complexity: While captchas are designed to challenge bots, they should still be reasonably solvable for humans. If a captcha appears excessively difficult, convoluted, or practically impossible to solve, it may be a fake.

Unexpected or Irrelevant Questions: Authentic captchas typically present straightforward challenges related to identifying objects or characters within an image. If you encounter captchas asking irrelevant or unrelated questions, it's a strong indication of a fake.

Captchas Appearing on Unrelated Websites: Legitimate captchas are usually found on websites where user authentication or data submission is required. If you come across captchas on unrelated websites that don't require any user interaction, it is likely a fake.

High Frequency of Captchas: Legitimate captchas are generally implemented sparingly, appearing only when necessary. If you repeatedly encounter captchas on every action or visit, it could be a sign of a fake attempt to gather user data or engagement.

Suspicious Website or Domain: Evaluate the credibility and reputation of the website where the captcha appears. If the website itself raises doubts or has a history of hosting malicious content, there is a higher chance that the captcha presented is fake.

May 25, 2023

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