Pushes Ads Through Fake Anti-Bot Check

computer bot botnet

During our investigation of websites associated with questionable advertising networks, we came across a problematic webpage called This particular site engages in deceitful practices by bombarding users with spam browser notifications and redirecting them to various other websites that are likely untrustworthy or harmful in nature.

Typically, visitors find themselves on or similar webpages through redirects caused by websites utilizing rogue advertising networks, misspelled URLs, spam notifications, intrusive ads, or the presence of adware.

It is worth noting that the content displayed on rogue sites like can vary depending on the visitor's IP address and geolocation.

Upon visiting, we observed that it employed a deceptive CAPTCHA verification method to promote its browser notifications. The page displayed images of robots and instructed users to click "Allow" if they were not robots. Unfortunately, unsuspecting users who fall for this fraudulent test inadvertently grant permission for to deliver notifications. These notifications are known to promote online scams, unreliable or dangerous software, and even malware.

To summarize, through websites like, users are exposed to a range of risks, including system infections, severe privacy issues, financial losses, and the potential for identity theft. It is crucial to exercise caution and avoid interacting with such sites to protect oneself from these detrimental consequences.

Why Should You Never Click 'Allow' on Unfamiliar Websites?

Clicking 'Allow' on unfamiliar websites can pose significant risks to your online security and privacy. Here are several reasons why you should avoid granting permissions by clicking 'Allow':

  • Unwanted notifications: By clicking 'Allow,' you give the website permission to send you browser notifications. Unfamiliar websites may exploit this feature to flood your screen with intrusive and often irrelevant notifications, disrupting your browsing experience and potentially leading to frustration.
  • Malicious content: Some websites use deceptive tactics to trick users into clicking 'Allow' as a means to deliver malicious content. These notifications may contain links to phishing websites, malware downloads, or scam promotions. Engaging with such content can result in the compromise of your personal information, financial loss, or even the infiltration of your device with harmful software.
  • Privacy invasion: Granting notification permissions can lead to the invasion of your privacy. Some websites abuse these permissions to gather information about your browsing habits, interests, and personal data. They may use this information for targeted advertising, sell it to third parties, or engage in other malicious activities that compromise your privacy and online security.
  • Persistent advertisements: Allowing notifications from unfamiliar websites often results in persistent and annoying advertisements. These ads may appear even when you are not actively browsing the website, disrupting your productivity and online experience.
May 23, 2023

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