Your Vault is End-to-End Encrypted

When you add data to your Cyclonis Password Manager vault, it is encrypted using AES-256 in GCM mode. Also known as Full AES, AES-256 was established by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. It's used by governments, financial institutions, and military agencies all over the world to protect sensitive data. Cyclonis Password Manager encrypts your data directly on your device. It uses PKCS5_PBKDF2 together with HMAC_DRBG to generate encryption keys, cryptographically salted for protection of your data.

Your Master Password is Your Private Key to Unlocking Your Data

Your Cyclonis Password Manager vault is encrypted using your personally chosen master password. When you create your master password, you will find that we have set requirements, designed to increase the complexity of your password. By design, your master password must have: at least eight characters, at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase letter, and at least one digit. Ideally, your master password should be long and memorable. Keep in mind, it is generally considered to be a good practice to update your passwords on a regular basis. You can update your Cyclonis Password Manager master password through the Settings.

Since you must enter your master password to log in to Cyclonis Password Manager and access your vault, it is critical that you don’t forget it! Cyclonis Password Manager doesn’t transmit your master password or store it on its servers. Cyclonis staff cannot recover or reset your master password. Like the data stored in your vault, your master password is for your eyes only!

Store Your Vault with Confidence Using Popular Cloud Storage Providers

Cyclonis Password Manager offers the option to store your data using a variety of cloud storage providers. Currently, our supported providers include Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, or Microsoft OneDrive – popular cloud storage providers that handle the data of hundreds of millions of users. As previously mentioned, your data is encrypted when it’s added to your vault. Additionally, your vault is synchronized between your device and your cloud storage provider via Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connections. In other words, your vault is encrypted once more before it lands in the cloud.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Feature

Cyclonis Password Manager offers a two-factor authentication feature. You can configure Cyclonis Password Manager so that, every time your account is accessed from a new device, a temporary confirmation code is sent to your registered email address. In order to log in, you will need to check your email and enter this code on the new device. You also have the option to require two-factor authentication for every Cyclonis Password Manager login on every device.

The Password Analyzer Estimates the Strength & Complexity of Your Passwords

Cyclonis Password Manager's Password Analyzer uses a set of complex metrics to estimate the strength of your online account passwords. It can identify potentially weak and reused passwords. It can also check your accounts against a database of websites considered by Cyclonis and reported to be compromised to alert you to potential vulnerabilities. The Password Analyzer helps to identify passwords that should be updated. Learn more about how the Cyclonis Password Manager’s Total Strength Score works.