A multitude of surveys reports that a high percentage of people tend to reuse their passwords. It has been claimed that one of the most common passwords in the world is "123456". The level of complexity of your passwords can have implications for your online life.

Cyclonis Password Manager's Password Analyzer can help you develop more complex passwords. By employing a series of complex metrics and taking into account a multitude of factors, Cyclonis Password Manager provides you Cyclonis' estimation of your Total Strength Score based on, among other factors, the graphs, charts and formulas in this page, and then displays it. This score is influenced by a number of factors including the presence of weak, old, reused, and potentially compromised passwords among the ones used in your account. Of course, no matter how carefully an estimation may be performed, and no matter how many factors may be considered in an estimation, any password – complex or otherwise – can be subjected to an attack and be compromised.

Password Strength Score Estimation

Password Complexity Level Password Complexity Estimated Time Required to Crack Password
From 0 to 20 Very Weak From less than a second to about an hour.
From 21 to 40 Weak From 1 hour to 4 days.
From 41 to 60 Average From 4 days to 1 year.
From 61 to 80 Strong From 1 year to 200 years.
From 81 to 100 Very Strong From 200 years to millions of years.


Password Complexity Level Examples of Passwords
From 0 to 20 R0u6, Cr17, zS!4, gXr2, 3Y!u
From 21 to 40 0U75pu, 83L71n, C0njun, 3N7hr0, 0U75pu
From 41 to 60 h7EwcB, 3w7nvY, ZZxX9q, S!#6@x, R!=p6T
From 61 to 80 C47chfly, LzxqeYTY, R3d1c747, 334F3n6f, 47U3n753
From 81 to 100 wM66mM4D, 74Y544mn0v, -+XfY+!9, t52SC;!;, &QX-!y:*7g

Strength Score Explained

Strength Score Tables