Looker Extension Behaves Like a PUP

Looker Extension is the name of a browser add-on or extension, which exhibits behavioral patterns that are usually associated with browser hijackers.

Looker extension, once installed as an addon inside your browser of choice, will make several changes to your browser's settings, without asking for or receiving explicit consent. Those changes include swapping out your browser's default search engine with one that produces bad results and is likely fake, and changing your home page and the content of your new blank tabs.

Browser hijackers can also trigger bad redirects when you browse and click links. The combination of all those factors makes their presence on your system undesirable.

The sneaky distribution methods used to get this sort of application on your system can vary. Browser hijackers can latch on by allowing push notifications from misleading pages, installing software bundle packages that have PUPs or potentially unwanted programs bundled inside them, or following bad links that directly start the installation of the extension.

With extensions that act as hijackers, in most cases removal is easy - all you need to do is navigate to your browser's addons or extensions menu, find the unwanted one and click "Remove".

July 27, 2022