Experts Reveal Hackers Attack Computers Every 39 Seconds

Digital security experts working with NGRAVE recently announced that according to their estimations bad actors carry out some form of automated attack every 39 seconds. This means that scripted attacks take place roughly 2,200 times each day.

According to the researchers, the vast majority of modern-day cyberattacks are motivated by the bad actors seeking illegal financial gains. Malware has moved away from viruses that lock up your computer or wipe your drives and is generally much more financially-focused, with bad actors targeting the burgeoning body of cryptocurrency owners, as well as businesses and government organizations that are usually attacked using ransomware.

Even though technology is making steps towards ever more reliable digital security and layers of digital protection installed on all systems, malware and hackers still manage to make their way past those defenses. Having a fully features anti-malware suite installed at all times and keeping it updated as best you can, as well as using a reliable firewall and a VPN service are a few of the precautions home users can take, even if they don't have a digital currency wallet or store cryptocurrency on a connected device.

Common Sense is One of Your Best Defenses

Of course, those are just a few of the things you can do to stay safe. Being very cautious when opening every email you receive and generally keeping your eyes open for any telltale signs of phishing (bad grammar or spelling, suspicions links) adds another layer of security for your home machine. Of course, using different passwords across devices and services is another good tip. Password security is further heightened by the use of long and complex passwords that include upper and lowercase letters, as well as symbols and numbers that have all been mixed together well.

Cyberattacks are not going anywhere even robust digital security AI is deployed, just because similar AI can be exploited to circumvent defenses, which is exactly why the human factor remains a significant factor in staying safe, both at home and in your office. Developing a cautious attitude and following good security practices is still the best way to augment whatever protection installed software offers.

September 23, 2020

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