CAM4 Phishing Scams

CAM4 is an adult website, which provides its users with access to adult videos and web cameras. However, just like other adult sites, it is often associated with phishing scams, which are usually hosted on 3rd-party websites. Typically, these phishing scams are promoted through pop-ups, which users might come across while trying to find pirated content related to CAM4. For example, such content may include free premium profiles, stolen logins, etc. If you see CAM4 pop-ups urging you to sign up for services, submit payment details, or log in with your account, then you might be a target of one of the CAM4 Phishing scams.

So, what is the best thing to do if you come across such content? The best thing to do is to simply ignore the contents of the scam and then close the pop-up or page immediately. Remember not to download files promoted via random online pop-ups, and never submit personal information or payment details to pages and pop-ups you encounter randomly.

June 14, 2021