Rose Grabber Comes With Rich Malicious Toolkit


Rose is a type of malicious software known as a grabber, designed with the intent to pilfer sensitive information from a targeted system. This updated version of the Phorcy stealer exhibits the capability to extract data from browsers, various applications, and cryptocurrency wallets, engaging in a range of malicious activities. Immediate removal of Rose from systems is essential for victims.

Rose possesses the ability to circumvent User Account Control, obtaining elevated privileges on the targeted system. This elevation enhances the malware's efficiency in executing malicious actions without encountering typical security barriers. Furthermore, attackers can assign a distinctive icon to the malware, aiding its camouflage and making it less conspicuous to victims.

To maintain persistence on infected systems, the Rose grabber remains active and continues its malicious operations after each system restart. Simultaneously, the malware employs tactics to subvert the system's security measures, disabling built-in antivirus protection (such as Windows Defender) and firewalls to evade detection and removal.

The Rose grabber is adept at evading virtual machine environments, complicating security researchers' efforts to analyze the malware in a controlled setting. Additionally, it takes preventive measures by blocking access to antivirus-related websites, hindering victims from seeking assistance or updates for their security software.

Rose Grabber Hides Its Presence Well

In its bid to remain undetected, the malware incorporates a self-destruct mechanism designed to erase any traces of its presence. To mislead users and cause confusion, the malware can display false error messages, potentially causing users to overlook its malicious activities.

Extending its impact to various communication platforms like Discord, the Rose grabber utilizes features like Discord injection, enabling the injection of code into Discord processes. By stealing Discord tokens, the malware gains unauthorized access to Discord accounts, initiating mass direct messages to all friends on the victim's Discord account, showcasing its potential for widespread impact. Beyond social platforms, the malware targets gaming sessions on platforms like Steam, Epic Games, and Uplay, pilfering active sessions for potential exploitation.

Moreover, the Rose grabber focuses on extracting sensitive information from diverse web browsers, including passwords, cookies, browsing history, and autofill data. Its reach extends to gaming platforms such as Minecraft and messaging applications like Telegram, underscoring its versatility in compromising a broad spectrum of user data.

January 9, 2024

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