Reuse Tab PUP Proves To Be Useless

A Chrome browser extension called "Reuse Tab" promises to allow the user to save URLs for fast access. In reality, what it does is act like adware and display unwanted advertising in the browser.

Reuse Tab will ask for permissions that should look suspicious to the trained eye at a glance. The extension will ask for permission to "read and change all your data on all websites". It's difficult to imagine how this ties into the supposed functionality of the extension.

Instead, Reuse Tab acts more like potentially unwanted software or adware. The permission to change pages is used only to inject and display intrusive ads in the web pages users would normally browse.

Adware or ad-supported software does that to generate revenue for its makers. The ads displayed, however, can be sourced from rogue advertising networks and redirect to potentially harmful or misleading pages, exposing the user to further risks while browsing.

This sort of behavior is what makes adware and potentially unwanted programs an undesirable presence on your system. Depending on the persistence mechanisms of the PUP, it can be removed manually from the browser's settings or may need an anti-malware suite to clean up entirely.