RAXNET Stealer Attempts to Empty Crypto Wallets

RAXNET Stealer is the name of a malicious application that is classified as a clipper.

Clippers are widely used to steal cryptocurrency, due to the way they operate. A clipper like RAXNET Stealer can monitor the clipboard of the infected system.

The purpose, in this case, is to intercept crypto wallet strings that enter the clipboard. This is commonly done when a user is about to make a transaction to the wallet in question.

When the malware finds a wallet string in the clipboard, it silently replaces it with a wallet string that belongs to the hackers running the malware. In this way, the victim will unwittingly transfer the crypto amount to the pocket of the hacker instead of making their intended transaction.

The potential for serious financial loss and misplaced funds with this sort of malware installed on the system is significant. If you have suspicious you have a clipper or similar stealer malware installed on your system, a full system scan with a reliable and up-to-date antivirus tool is recommended.

November 30, 2022