What Does The MicTrayDebugger Do?

MicTrayDebugger is the designator of a Windows Defender detection. Another variation of what is essentially the same detection is "Win32/MicTrayDebugger!ml".

The MicTrayDebugger detection is usually triggered by something pretty harmless. According to Microsoft's research team, Win32/MicTrayDebugger is related to outdated code in old Conexant audio drivers. The old driver included a code chunk that allowed it to log keystrokes to a local file. This file could also be potentially accessed through the local network.

If you use Windows Defender to automatically clean and remove the detected issue, you will also lose access to the keyboard shortcut that is used to enable the microphone.

In case you feel worried about the potential of your data being shared in illegal or improper ways, bear in mind that even without removing this component, the data logged is not shared with the driver supplier, Conexant or HP - the OEM that built the configurations with the issue in question.

If you end up removing the driver component, simply go online and find the latest version of the Conexant HD Audio Driver, download and run the installer and your system will be back to normal, with the keyboard shortcut functioning once again.

September 7, 2022