Remove GlobalSearchSystem

GlobalSearchSystem is a Mac utility, which may sound like it is meant to enhance your Web searching experience. However, what it does once it is installed may be entirely the opposite. It will tamper with your browser settings to introduce an alternative search engine as your default search aggregator and new tab page. Because of this change, you may end up experiencing unwanted redirects that typically take you to a low-quality search engine.

The website that GlobalSearchSystem promotes is not harmful, but it can prove to be rather annoying to deal with – it delivers subpar search results, contains extra ads, and may trigger other random redirects. While not dangerous, this behavior is rather annoying, and you should not allow GlobalSearchSystem to continue doing this.

Unfortunately, trying to revert your browser settings manually may not work if GlobalSearchSystem is not removed completely – this Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) will work in the background to continuously monitor and modify your browser settings. The best way to eliminate the PUP and undo the changes it introduced is to run a suitable Mac anti-malware scanner.

June 16, 2021