Remove DragSteal Malware

The DragSteal Malware is a malicious software package whose creators are renting it out to cybercriminals online. What is interesting about the DragSteal Malware is that it specializes in hijacking files related to the Grand Theft Auto video game – however, it also has the ability to steal other common files and types of data as well. The exact types of file formats that the DragSteal Malware specializes in exfiltrating are LUA, CLEO, and ASI. These files are commonly used by the SAMP mod for GTA: San Andreas, and the CRMP mod for GTA: V.

The peculiar thing about DragSteal Malware is that it is being sold or rented out on a public website. Its creators are trying to present it as a legitimate software package, and their message includes a statement saying that it should not be used with malicious intent. Of course, this disclaimer is meaningless – it is clear that users who buy the DragSteal Malware are planning to use it to infect users, and steal files or data from them.

Although Grand Theft Auto players are likely to be the primary target of the DragSteal Malware, it is possible that other users might be affected too. This malware can be bought by anyone, which means that the hackers using it could rely on all sorts of trick to propagate it. We advise you to automate your protections against such threats by using up-to-date anti-malware software at all times.

By Ruik
November 9, 2021
November 9, 2021