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popups ads adware may be touted as a site for resources surrounding privacy protection. However, is more of a harbor of advertisements that may confuse some computer users and entice others to click on the ads. may utilize and leverage well-known names in the computer security industry to entice clicks on advertisements. Such clicks on these ads may be part of a pay-per-click scheme to earn the creators of money through clicks by gullible computer users.

The association of looks to be tied to web browser extensions that may load when installing bundled software apps or freeware from the Internet. Such components may modify Internet settings and potentially set the site as a default home page.

Reversing the unwanted effects of usually requires removal of the associated web browser extensions where one can then revert the Internet settings and prevent the site from loading automatically as a default home page. Using an antimalware resource will usually suffice to automatically detect and remove the components and free a system from displaying unwanted ads.

By Zane
May 3, 2022
May 3, 2022