ClickManager Adware on Macs

ClickManager is the name of a piece of adware that can be found on Mac computers. Despite its name, implying some useful application is under the icon, ClickManager is nothing of the sort. It is a member of the AdLoad adware family and its only purpose is to deliver as many ads as possible to your browser.

ClickManager is one of the hundreds of adware variants that are all essentially the same - they use the same nondescript, generic icon with a looking glass inside a grey circle. The apps are all named the same too, with a combination of two semi-random words that hopefully make up a combination that sounds like a real application. That is not always the case, as other members of the same adware family and using the same icon are called things like "CompellingEntry" and "DockModule".

The ads served up by adware like ClickManager are often sourced through rogue ad networks. This means that those ads may link to potentially unwanted software, misleading pages and questionable content. This is what makes the presence of any adware application on your system undesirable.

The uninstallation of most adware is a simple process, as adware apps are not viruses and rarely have persistence mechanisms.

June 13, 2022