Background.js is a Suspicious File - Find Out Why

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Background.js is a file that has caused some concern among users.

A .js file is a chunk of JavaScript code. A file with the specific name "background.js" is commonly associated with Chrome browser extensions and is one of the possible components of an extension.

In theory, any file may contain malicious code and this is also true for a JavaScript file. If you have concerns about the legitimacy and safety of a file you encountered on your system, your best bet would be to use your anti-malware scanner of choice and run the file through it.

Do this with the "background.js" file as well and check the results of the scan. If you don't get any detection and your anti-malware application does not detect anything potentially malicious inside the file, you should rest easy.

There are many files that also cause heuristic detections that are not based on specific and discrete markers, and those so-called heuristic detections can often be false positives, so if you get a heuristic detection for the file in question, there is a high probability that the file is really safe.

August 31, 2022