Track Multiple Time Zones

Seamlessly keep track of the time in multiple locations across the globe. Simply select the cities that you wish to track and add them to your desktop. Your selected clocks will be available in the Cyclonis World Time application and its desktop widget.

Desktop Widget

Easily keep track of the time in multiple locations right on your desktop! Cyclonis World Time’s desktop widget allows you to integrate customizable clocks directly into your desktop. You can position the desktop widget where you wish on your screen and add or delete individual clocks at your convenience.

Customization Options

Cyclonis World Time lets you display the time zones that are important to you and also control the app’s overall look and feel. You can change the color, opacity, and even the font of the desktop widget to suit your preferences.

Sunset, Sunrise & Daylight Information

Localized data including sunrise and sunset times can help you better plan your daily schedule.

Lightweight Design

Cyclonis World Time is optimized to use minimal resources and offer maximum features. The app is easy to use, highly intuitive and occupies a small system resource footprint.


Personalize Cyclonis World Time to fit your needs. For your convenience, you can also set your current location and utilize the geo-location functionality to automatically update your location as you travel.