FAQ Cyclonis Backup

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What is Cyclonis Backup?

Is technical support available?

What operating systems does Cyclonis Backup support?

Does Cyclonis Backup support mobile devices?

What are the key features I get with Cyclonis Backup?

How do I get started?

How much storage space does Cyclonis Backup offer?

What if I need more than 2 TB of storage space?

What happens if I exceed my storage space plan?

Can I downgrade my storage plan?

How does Cyclonis Backup store and encrypt my files?

What is the Cyclonis Backup Secret Key?

How do I create backups with Cyclonis Backup?

How many computers can I use with my Cyclonis Backup account?

Can I manage my backups from my web browser?

How do I delete backed up files?

Can I store several versions of the same file?

How do I restore my files with Cyclonis Backup?

I forgot my Cyclonis Backup password. What do I do?