Connectivity Issues

Possible Issues

When you try to update or download Cyclonis Password Manager, you receive an error message notifying you that you have network stability or connectivity problems.

Possible Solutions

We recommend that you try the following solutions:

  1. Verify your Internet connection.The Cyclonis Password Manager desktop application requires an Internet connection in order to work. A number of problems might interfere with your Internet connection, and built-in tools like Troubleshoot Problems in Windows and Network/Wireless Diagnostics in macOS could solve some of them. Restarting your router or modem might also help. Once you are connected to the Internet, click Retry, and the download should be successful.
  2. Configure your software firewall. Software firewalls may restrict access to your computer. Certain firewalls will notify you when a program tries to access the Internet, but there are cases in which software or hardware firewall settings can cause download errors to occur. If a pop-up window of your firewall asks you to do so, allow Cyclonis Password Manager to access the Internet. If your firewall has blocked Cyclonis Password Manager from connecting to the Internet, you may need to go to your firewall’s settings and whitelist it to unblock it.
  3. Check your router for active firewalls.Routers may have built-in hardware firewalls and other defenses. If you think that your router may be preventing Cyclonis Password Manager from accessing the Internet, you may want to temporarily remove the router from the network while you download Cyclonis Password Manager and connect directly to your ISP (generally via a DSL or cable modem). If the issue is resolved by the removal of the router, it is likely that the router is preventing access. This issue could be resolved by setting up the router itself to allow access for future downloads. For more information, see your router documentation for instructions on setting up port forwarding.
  4. Check for hardware firewalls and proxies.Hardware proxy and firewall solutions that prevent applications from communicating with outside servers are used by a number of organizations. If you are having issues downloading and running Cyclonis Password Manager from a corporate environment, check with your network system administrator and ensure that there are no hardware firewalls and proxies blocking it.

Installation Issues

Possible Issue

Cyclonis Password Manager will not install and/or run properly.

Possible Solutions

Make sure your computer meets Cyclonis Password Manager’s system requirements.