Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups is a website that promotes itself as an alternative search engine. The website is promoted through the use of browser hijackers, which are small applications that change the homepage and default search engine on your desktop or mobile browser. is linked to one or more such hijacker — it is advertised through misleading download buttons and fake product offers. Once installed the software may change your home page or search engine to

Relying on's search services is not necessarily an issue, but it is probably not something you want to do when you have access to reputable search services like Bing, Google, Yahoo, and others. Furthermore, you can rest assured that a website, which relies on scummy marketing tricks is unlikely to be reliable for long. If your Web browser is redirecting you to all of a sudden, then the like cause is a small piece of software that was installed your knowledge.

The good news is that dealing with the hijacker is a straightforward task. All you need to do is to run a security scanner compatible with your operating system, and it will easily identify and remove any intrusive software that may have brought to your attention.

April 29, 2021