Download & Install Cyclonis Backup.

To get started, you should download and install the Cyclonis Backup desktop application.

The Cyclonis Backup desktop application allows you to simplify your backups. Its Backup Wizard is designed to help you locate and select important data and back it up to the Cloud as easily as possible. Once your data is in the Cloud, the application offers powerful easy-to-use features to manage, access and restore your backed up information.

Select from the supported OSes:

Create your Cyclonis Backup account & get started for FREE.

To sign up for a FREE Cyclonis Backup account, all you need is a valid email address.

Your free Cyclonis Backup account gives you 2 GB of encrypted storage for your backups. With a single account, you can use Cyclonis Backup on all your supported devices.

Need more space? No problem! Cyclonis Backup allows you to select from a variety of affordable plans to meet your needs.

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Select the files you want to back up.

Cyclonis Backup offers powerful tools to help you find the data and files you need to backup.

Cyclonis Backup includes the Backup Wizard, which scans your device and locates photos, videos, documents and other commonly backed up personal data. You can filter your files by type, size, and file extension. The Cyclonis Backup interface combines flexibility and ease of use and integrates directly with your operating system.

Click the "Backup Now" button and store your information in the Cloud.

Your files will be backed up to the Cloud and securely stored with AES-256 encryption.

Cyclonis Backup securely transmits your data to its servers over HTTPS. Once your data is in the Cloud, it is encrypted with AES-256, an encryption algorithm used by government, military and financial institutions worldwide. Your data is for your eyes only. By design and as an added security measure for your privacy and protection, Cyclonis and its staff do not have your password or any access to your password. Your data can only be accessed and read by you.

Access your data from all your supported devices.

Your backups are available to you anywhere, anytime, across the Internet.

With a single account, you can install and use Cyclonis Backup at no extra charge on as many supported devices as you want to back up your important files at home, at work, and anywhere else based on the Cyclonis Backup storage plan you’ve selected. In addition to Cyclonis Backup’s desktop applications, you can also access your backed up data with popular web browsers on a wide range of supported mobile and desktop devices.

Save and access multiple versions of your files.

Cyclonis Backup can store versioned copies of your documents. If you need to rollback unintended changes, this feature gives you the power to do so.

Ransomware presents a powerful use case for this feature. Ransomware can irretrievably scramble your data, which could lead to the loss of irreplaceable personal and/or business data. If ransomware hijacks your files, the scrambled files could overwrite your backups, making restoration impossible with some backup methods or services. Cyclonis Backup’s file versioning system lets you selectively restore earlier versions of your files, from before a ransomware attack hit. This can allow you to get your files back without being a victim and paying criminals a ransom.

Restore data with just a few clicks.

Cyclonis Backup allows you to quickly restore your data and offers complete disaster recovery, if needed.

Cyclonis Backup allows you to easily restore any data you need. You can pick and choose individual files to restore to your system from the Cloud. In extreme cases, for example if your computer has been lost, stolen, destroyed or experienced a total hardware failure, Cyclonis Backup offers a Restore Wizard. The Restore Wizard allows you to restore your entire backup onto a new device in a matter of clicks.

Cyclonis Backup Details & Terms

The Free Basic Cyclonis Backup plan gives you 2 GB of cloud storage space with full functionality! No credit card required. Need more storage space? Purchase a larger Cyclonis Backup plan today! To learn more about our policies and pricing, see Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Discount Terms and Purchase Page. If you wish to uninstall the app, please visit the Uninstallation Instructions page.