Beware! Geek Squad Email Scam Impersonates Known Brand

geek squad

Geek Squad email scam is the name given to yet another scam that is circulating the Internet.

In this case, the scammers opted for a slightly different tactic. The scam email relies on scaring the victim that they have had a service subscription renewed and that they will be charged an exorbitant $499 for it. The scam uses the brand imagery and name of Geek Squad - a legitimate entity and a subsidiary of BestBuy. The purpose of this is to lend some air of credibility to the otherwise ridiculous scam.

Victims are expected to call a support phone line if they need "any assistance". This is no legitimate support line, of course, and it has nothing to do with Geek Squad. The phone number is operated by the scammers and anyone who contacts them will either be made to reveal personally identifiable information to them, or told they need to pay a "cancellation fee" to reverse the $499 transaction that was never real from the start.

In some cases, the scammers on the phone may even refer the victims to downloads of malware that will allow remote access to the victim's system.

Be careful with your email inbox and pay extra special attention to everything that comes in it, so you can sniff out similar scams when they land there.

July 28, 2022